How do I see if the passenger gem is installed

Not sure why this might be happening? I’m trying to get a ruby app I use working through Apache on port 80, but am stumbling at every hurdle :)

root../public/htdocs# bundle show passenger
Could not find gem 'passenger'.
Did you mean passenger?
root../public/htdocs# gem install passenger
Building native extensions.  This could take a while...
Successfully installed passenger-5.0.21
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for passenger-5.0.21...
Installing RDoc documentation for passenger-5.0.21...
root../public/htdocs# bundle show passenger
Could not find gem 'passenger'.
Did you mean passenger?

The meaning of Life

I’ve decided I want to move to Catalonia as soon as I can, but that’s going to take some planning and persuasion as far as the logistics and the familial relationships are concerned. I wonder who would come with me. Whatever, it will be a couple of years yet, in the meantime I’m greatly enjoying  Giles Tremlett’s  “Ghosts of Spain

Bath Skyline Walk

It was so nice to get out of Bristol yesterday. After a month of wind and rain, the sun was shining, so H and I left early on the train to Bath, to do the Bath skyline walk. We left the station through the bike park tunnel coming out at the rear and crossing the Avon on the iron footbridge that connects with the Kennet & Avon Canal junction. Past a few locks then a sharp right and fierce Sunday morning climb up steep footpaths and across the National Trust owned Bathwick Meadow, Bath spreading out gradually over our shoulders the higher we got.

Bath Skyline

It’s a bit misnamed because you can only see the City of Bath from a small part of the West side of the route, the rest of the walk circles around Claverton Down and behind the University, taking in little woodlands (named Rainbow wood and Fairy wood!) and across open ground that feels like country fields miles from the city, looking out East across Wiltshire.


The woodland paths were extremely muddy after all the rain and many many dogwalkers and family hikers, so the going was quite tough, both of us survived without any major slipping, though a few precarious slides. In the woods there was lots of Harts Tongue along the path but not much else vegetation other than mosses and lichen on the trees. Too early for even spring flowers. Birdsong everywhere, but Rolly didn’t have much luck flushing wildlife out. All the other dogs had got there before him. The path runs alongside Bath Dogs and Cats home for a few hundred yards, he had a worried look on his face.


Six miles later, by the time we reached Sham castle we were gasping for a hot drink, so the drop back down to the city became a race for sustenance. We finished up in front of the Abbey eating pasties and drinking large cups of Hot tea, listening to the buskers,before we made way home on the next train to Bristol. We were home by mid afternoon, the teenager we had left was still in bed.

Moving the blog to Redhat Open Shift

I didn’t have the time nor the patience for the security administration overhead on Rackspace so I’ve decided to make use of Red Hat’s very kind cloud platform offering, OpenShift, 3 free apps included. Everything is done with SSH keys so no need for them pesky passwords.

It will take a while before I’ve  transferred everything here and I’m still learning about what my responsibilities are and what Red Hat take care of, so it may be lots of two steps forward one step back kind of thing, but I want the blog ready for Germany in July so there’s some incentive. See you soon :)

R.I.P James Irvine

James Irvine








Hilary had a bit of bad news today. Sunday morning, we lay in bed reading, Hilary scattering and shuffling the Saturday paper Guardian supplements, me on my Samsung Galaxy, looking at the Guardian mobile site. I saw there was a design show in Milan and an article about the top 10 chairs (established middle class the bbc called me). Hilary’s cousin lived in Milan and was a chair designer and she often wonders what kind of life he’s living so I drew her attention to it. None of the chairs were done by him, he’s not that famous a chair designer I thought, but she said to google and see if he was involved in the show. But upon searching we discovered he had died, only two weeks previously, of pneumonia in a Milanese hospital. He’d left behind an Italian wife and two sons with very Italian sounding names we learnt from his Guardian obituary, from which we also learnt he was actually relatively famous in European design circles. Hilary obviously a bit upset.

My condolences to his family.

Another hostage to fortune